Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm

Here in Clarksville we are on the tip of the ice storm. The roads don't seem bad, but the trees are beautiful. When I looked out this morning I was immediately taken back to the Ice Storm of '94. I was in middle school and I'm sure they were calling for snow/ice when it came, but for some reason my parents let me spend the night with Amanda (Lachowicz) Boles. **My dad was probably hoping it would come and wanted the challenge of driving in it to pick me up. And I'm wondering if it was the weekend or if we already knew school was going to be out. Not sure, but either way how fun to be able to wake up with a friend and realize that we were in the midst of an ice storm. I had never seen anything like it.
The main things I remember were the trees and that both Amanda and I had wood stoves at our houses so we had heat and our parents had a way to kinda cook- at least I don't remember going hungry. We were worry free able to simply enjoy the beauty. I didn't think about trees breaking or safely getting to work. It's funny how things have changed in 15 years and how this ice storm brings a different realm of emotions. I hope everyone is safe and sound. I hope those with out electricity can find a way to stay warm. I'm thinking is there any way I can help? We are supposed to have small group tonight and we have to make the decision to call it off or not. (by the way we ARE calling it off-if you are in our group and reading this.) So many grown up decisions, but at times I would like to sit back and just enjoy the beauty as I did 15 years ago. Care free and having fun. Those were the days. Ha.

What are your favorite memories from the Ice Storm of '94?


Living With Purpose said...

Kaylee was born and was only a few days old. My parents had come to visit and the ice storm hit! no power, no heat, extra surging hormones, and a husband who was already on the verge of becoming my "ex". One week of all of the above....I remember it almost minute by minute.

Ron Edmondson said...

I remember having no electricity and so Nate and I played in bed all day one day, under the covers. He was almost 3. He's 17 and will be graduating this year. I don't think we'd do that again this year.

Amanda said...

definitely working on our state projects for mr. what was his name? social studies teacher. (probably your first scrapbooking moment) and waking up in the middle of the night and everyone going out on the porch just to listen to the tree limbs breaking off. it sounded like fire works. and remember that tree that was right outside my window and how scared we were?

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

1994 I was a freshman in high school living in Southern CA... no ice storms for me! :)

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