Monday, January 19, 2009

bit of frustration R-E-S-O-L-V-E-D


***What is a birthmother letter you ask-
Our birthmother letter is the letter telling all about the lovely Doss Family who would like to adopt a baby. It will go out to birthmothers who are trying to choose a family for their precious little one. What a hard decision to make!!! My heart is aching for some mother out there who will make the hard decision to chose us as parents for her blessed little one, and I am believing that God is big enough to put our birthmother letter right into the mother's hands that He has chosen to give birth to the baby we will call ours someday.

anyway back to the frustration...

I took my USB jump drive to Kinko's and they made a copy of the copy they printed from the computer. The pictures lost a lot of their quality and just didn't look sharp or clear at all. They had glossy card stock, but it was only one sided (our letter is front and back) and the other card stock wouldn't go through the copier. So we left with kinda shiny not thick enough paper with bad photo quality copies. :(

I then changed the front pic- it was a black and white and was really good, but after copying it it turned out too dark to see our lovely faces. :) And besides the birthmom needs to be able to see who we are and how in love and happy we are....she doesn't need to be looking at a dark blob...wondering if we will love her child.

So then I headed to Copies in a Flash. They do large orders and told me it would cost lots of money to get the print ready then each copy wouldn't be that expensive, but they would need to do a large 500 or 1,000. Ummm what would I do with that many? Maybe I should have gone for it, but I felt like there was a better less expensive way. At least they were nice.

I really wanted glossy card stock, but have settled for regular card stock on our regular computer printer. And it looks GREAT! The picture quality is wonderful and the whole thing just looks great. I am very pleased. And just to think that the whole time the answer to my frustration was to simply push print. ha!

Here are the two pics on the front:

On the back there are 6 more pics...that represent us. Now I can mail them to the adoption lawyer tomorrow and she will be able to pass them out to any birthmoms who show interest in choosing adoptive parents. YIPPEE!!!


Melanie said...

I'm so glad you got this printed and finished the way you wanted... whatever the letter looks like, the perfect birth mom will pick you and just know that you will be perfect for her baby. You two are going to make great parents!

Living With Purpose said...

Can you be my mommy and daddy?