Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Starting Point

I am very excited about a group that will be meeting at our house tonight. We are beginning a "Starting Point" group at our house- this was advertised at Grace Community, and the curriculum/guide is from Northpoint Community Church. Daniel (mainly) and I will facilitate discussion and host the party!!! I'm very excited about meeting new people from our church and about having people over. I've gotten some fun snacks and can't wait till they get here. Of course there are a lot of last minute things that need to be done as far as straightening up and stuff, but I'm more excited about welcoming folks from Grace than I am nervous about what our house looks like. I loved how my good friend Christy said last night the perfectionist in her would make her get all worked up over having people over and now she has let that part go and is more laid back when people come over. I am wanting to let that part go. I am thrilled that Ben Reed asked us to lead this group. We will meet for 10 weeks and I am expecting big things from God.
***Also crazy to think that in 10 weeks it will be CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! The plan was for this group to meet right up until the new year! YIKES. Let the Christmas shopping begin!!!


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