Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Awe and Wonder

This past week in Cross Street- our Children's Ministry on Sunday Mornings- I was the lead teacher for the last time. This has been a hard sacrifice, but since we are going on tour I don't know how often I'll have to miss and felt like I needed to give this up so that they children would have someone there consistently. I have loved working with my small group and have been with them since they were in Kindergarten...they are now 2nd graders who are reading the Bible and learning to look up verses I am so proud!!!!

This past Sunday our virtue was Orderliness and we talked about God created things in a certain order. He didn't create the fish before he created the water. He did things in order for a reason and we can trust him no matter what.

At the end of our lesson we were running out of time and we were supposed to look up verses about God's order of doing things in the Bible- Sin entered the world, Jesus was sent to the live on the earth, Jesus died for our sins, Jesus arose from the grave, Jesus is coming back someday. (pretty much a quick overview of the Bible huh?)

So instead of looking up all the verses---which would have taken us another 45 minutes--I, as simply as possible, told them God's order of events mentioned above. When I got to the part where Jesus is coming back you should have seen their faces. Some of them smiled, some of them looked around at others and mouthed the word really?!? Their eyes got big and they were so excited.

I guess we have taught them so much about God and the Bible and living our lives for Him that we didn't really focus on Him coming back!!! Sometimes we live that way too. We live and try to be good examples and try to tell others about Jesus, but we forget that Jesus is coming back. I hope to never forget the awe and wonder that I saw in their eyes and that I can continue to have that excitement about Jesus return and living with Him for eternity.

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