Sunday, December 09, 2007

Rules to the game Compatibility

When we were either newly married or nearly married we played a game called Compatibility with our friends Andrew and Haley. (Who is a faithful blog reader.) :)
Daniel had told a story to some friends at church that this game made us see how easy it is to miscommunicate when one person says one thing and the other person thinks something totally different. It proves that husbands and wives don't always see eye to eye. We had wanted to play it again, but couldn't find it anywhere. Our pastor's wife said that they had it and we could borrow it anytime. We ended up playing it last night with the Daniel Doss Band and wives/fiance. It was a lot of fun. Each person gets a deck of cards with pictures on them. Then there is a word or phrase in the middle that you have to think of (such as happiness). You rank a few cards and then see if you and your partner matched any. (one person put a pic of the cross, while another put a pic of a baby.)

Totally fun, but I totally made up the rules. The board has numbers, but I couldn't figure out the logic....5,5,5,5,5,5,4,5,5,5,4,4,5,4,5,3,4,4,4,5,5,5,5,3,2,4....that's not a pattern. Those numbers are on an inward spiral to the finish spot in the middle. I just told them they could move one space closer to the finish line if they got a match and two spaces if they got a perfect match (a match in the correct order). Not sure if those are the rules. Sooooo if anyone out there has this game or knows the rules please help me out. I'm wanting to play it again this weekend, but would like to be better prepared while I'm explaining it. They totally should have written the directions on the box. That makes so much sense! :)

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OKeedokey said...

I will look up the directions and get back to you. :)