Monday, December 24, 2007

Is it blogworthy?

That is the question I asked Daniel last night about this topic. Just a few months ago blogworthy would not have even entered my vocabulary, but now it has. And he said yes this topic was definitely blogworthy. :) I tried to tell him that my blog readers were mainly girls and might not care about the topic, but he said I should so here goes....I BEAT SUPER MARIO!!!! Daniel got a Wii for his birthday and we have been playing. My favorite is the old school Super Mario game from back in the day. My thumbs were programmed and I was able to remember all the warp zones and secret places for coins and extra men. Whew hew. We played this week with our family at Daniel's parents and I was gonna show off a little. Daniel made a big deal about me being so close to beating the game that I felt a little pressure, but I was up for the challenge. I got to level 8-4 (the last level) without dying and I had 10 men!!! I just couldn't seem to get it though and took a break while Daniel's brother and family left. I came back to it later and I beat it!!! I rescued the princess and saved the day!!!! It was very gratifying!!! Now on to the new games. yippee!!!


Brando said...

CONGRATS on beating it...just to let you know that Sunny has beaten it to. we had some friends over and I busted out the old school NES system and was like let's play. well, she didn't want to b/c she was all "i'm not that good at video games" and she made it all the way to the last level - and beat it! so much for "not being good".

anyway...congrats on the accomplishment and congrats on the Wii. that's hard enough to score!

oh, and you do have an occasional male reader!

OKeedokey said...

very cool!