Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am and there in none besides me.

This is the phrase that the Bablyonian people took on as their mantra. They lived this way day in and day out. I am worried that it is mine as well. Today is my birthday so I feel like I have some kind of right that life should be all about me today. But what about every other day? Don't those selfish thought creep in then as well? Oh how I long to give and serve and make a difference in this world. I have been doing the Beth Moore Bible Study on Daniel and it has been so enlightening. I was nervous about all the prophecy and usually take a stance that well whatever happens in the future is going to happen and God will take care of it. If I read about beasts and other things in Revelation I just gave up because of a lack of understanding. This Beth Moore study though has sparked interest and understanding and I'm loving the symbolism and revelation of the prophecies from the book of Daniel. So if you are looking for a new study then I'm challenging you to check out the Beth Moore study on Daniel. Whew. It is rocking my world! And making me re-think some things in my life. Is it really all about me? Of course not, but am I living that way?

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