Thursday, April 12, 2007

What to BLOG about???

So now through out my day I think...I'm gonna blog about that....but then the day goes by and I forget or get to busy to take the time to type it out....but here are a couple of the things I said (to myself) that I was going to blog about.

1. Last week was spring break and we went to Opry Mills to shop (for shorts in cold weather)....we went to Gap (my fav. pants/shorts store) and I got a few different varieties to try on....the young lady at the dressing room said, "Is that your boyfriend?" (Referring to Daniel, who was following me around.) I said politely, "He's my husband." She said, "Well he can go in with you if you want." I was definitely under the impression that he could have just as easily come in if he was my boyfriend or if he was my husband. This made me go huh....I'm gonna blog about that....I was kinda blown away by her approval of just anyone going into the dressing room with just anyone else. huh. What do you say? Needless to say Daniel stayed out there and waited as I tried on each piece and showed him the things I liked and didn't like. He's such a good sport. :)

2. So a couple of weeks ago Chad, one of our pastors at Grace Community told me that I probably didn't offend many people....well Chad sorry to inform you but someone suffered road rage because of me and flipped me off....FLIPPED ME OFF! I think she even said it out loud as she made the motion. It was totally her fault and I was simply driving by when she put her blinker on and swerved into my lane; she quickly swerved back when she realized I was continuing in forward motion and would have hit her. Soooo because I didn't get out of her way....I got the bird. Once again huh...

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