Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I was a little afraid that as I got older Christmas would not become cool again until I could experience it as a mom....but let me just tell you that this was absolutely the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!! This was the least prepared I was for Christmas...with the move and all I was still buying stuff for the new house instead of buying gifts for others....sooo at the last minute I was shopping, but just in time to get it all done. I also got to get away with my two best friends Amanda and Melanie. This was such a fun retreat of good food, laughter and many many movies. :) Then we had a spectacular service at church on Christmas Eve...many of you know we don't have a church right now, but for Christmas Eve we were able to rent out a local high school and have one big service (our regular meeting place is a Catholic School where we have to have two services to fit everyone.) The stage was decorated beautifully and Daniel did an amazing job with the musical selections. He is so gifted at that!!!! Then we had dinner with my parents and presents galore!!! Christmas morning was just me and Daniel opening our lovely appliances and being more excited than ever to get appliances as Christmas gifts. (We declared our selves official grown-ups.) Then Christmas Dinner with the Doss's 2 and 1/2 hours away! I love Daniel's family and we had a great time there for a couple of days. So therefore this Christmas was declared the Best Christmas Ever. I continually thank God for the blessing He is bestowing on us and am so glad He is letting me focus on those instead of what we do not have.

**The gift I'm most excited about is two tickets to the new Symphony Hall in Nashville. (I'm not even going to begin to try to spell. Ha!)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new house and grown-up Christmas gifts. I wanted to ask you guys to pray for Anna S., I think you'll remember her from UTM & FBC Clarksville, even though she's a couple of years older.

Her Dad died of cancer and the visitation is tonight and tomorrow, and funeral is Saturday.