Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today's Surprise!!!

This morning when I left for work Daniel asked me what I was doing tonight because he has rehearsal with the band from church. I said I planned on cleaning up the house, and that it was getting on my nerves. (Last night was open house at school then small group after that and it was looking like a whirl wind.) When I was on my way home from school Daniel called. He had left to go play racket ball....he stayed on the phone until I got home. Usually it's just hi and bye at that time of day so I knew something was up. When I walked in he had left me a note saying that he'd helped me get a head start. Everything was picked up and put in the right place, the dryer was running, clean dishes were put away and dirty dishes were in the dishwasher instead of piled in the sink!!!
I WAS SOOOO EXCITED!!! It's funny because on Sunday Chad was making an illustration about someone receiving a gift that another person bought them versus someone doing something for you where they had to sacrifice doing something else to spend time with you. Since my love language is gifts, I was like ummmm I think I'd go for the gift.....But today I really enjoyed the surprise of having my wonderful husband sacrifice something else that he could have chosen to do and do something nice for me. He is soooo wonderful. :)

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