Friday, September 28, 2012

Introverts at the Gym

Last night I went to the gym for alone time.
I had some friends stop by during only alone time during the day. Honestly I was fine with it because I love love love my friends and squeezing in some quality time is a good thing. But my introverted self was then lacking in the alone time refueling department. So I thought I'd go to the gym. I can drop Manny off at childcare and then put headphones in and pretend I'm having alone time. Sometimes it actually counts as refueling and ends up being very refreshing. Actually the last time I went to the gym it was an amazing time where I almost held my hands up in praise right there on the elliptical with my headphones cranking some worship tunes. :)
But this time I tried to re-create that moment and it fell short. I got on the same elliptical. Which happened to be on the end of the row. The gym was pretty empty. A guy got a mat and sat down RIGHT BESIDE ME---in the empty gym and started his workout. He was also texting a lot so at times I felt like he was just staring at me, but I would look over and he was staring at his phone. Anyway he was all up in my space. I wanted to yell at him, "I came to the gym for alone time, you are encroaching on my personal space." But instead I facebooked about it and moved down to the other end of the ellipticals. As soon as I got a good sweat going again a guy came to the elliptical RIGHT BESIDE ME to exercise. Granted there was almost a whole row of empty machines. Doesn't he know the every other machine rule? I felt as though I was being punked. All I wanted was some alone time. So after that the guy on the mat was done so I moved back down to the other machine. By that time childcare was about to close up so I went to get Manny and we went swimming.

Luckily Daniel was late coming home after Manny when to bed so I finally got my alone time. Maybe I should ration it better. I really need to get on a schedule. That would probably help.

I just have to say I can't wait for my Mixed Bag Design totes to arrive. Last night I shoved everything into a reusable bag, but I thought----OH once my totes get here they will be perfect for when we go swimming at the gym. :)

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mrs a. said...

I feel the same way about the every-other machine rule :)