Friday, July 20, 2012

Faithful Adoption Consultants

If you are interested in adoption and don't know where to start I would suggest calling Faithful Adoption Consultants. They helped us out tremendously. We desired to adopt but didn't know where to begin. We had a homestudy but didn't know the next step after that. Our agency's wait list was full so we thought the wait would be indefinite. That's when a friend from our old church told us about Courtney and Faithful Adoption Consultants.
I like to say that it was like we were putting together a complicated puzzle without the top picture as a guide. FAC came into the picture and started guiding me as to which pieces came next. Before I knew it the puzzle was complete and we had our baby home and were finalizing our adoption! Truly amazing.
We believe in them so much that we are using them again with our second adoption and I have had several friends who have used FAC and now have little ones at home as well. Check them out: you'll be glad you did. (& you might even see some pics of Manny on their website when he was a chubby cheeked little fella.)  

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