Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Doss Family Fundraiser

We are embarking on our second adoption as a family
and our 1st fundraiser! 

Bracelets are $10 each and say "blessed." as shown below.

You can choose from these band color options: 
black, turquoise, brown, bluehot pink, neon green, yellow purple, or orange.

To order:
*Tell me how many you would like to order and band color choice (either in the comments section here or by email at dossfamilyadoption@gmail.com)
*Include your shipping address. (My comments are moderated so it will not be posted online.)
*Mail me a check or pay via the paypal button on the top left of this blog. (Tax & Shipping are included)

I will process your order once I receive your check or pay pal confirmation- bracelets have been ordered, but may take a few weeks to arrive. Feel free to spread the word. Thanks for blessing our family and helping our dreams come true!


Lynne said...

Emily, If I had the means you would only be thinking of how many times you wanted to called Mom. You are so deserving (Daniel too!) for God's blessing of children. I love you!

Emily Doss said...

Ya'll are blowing me away! We sold 69 yesterday and I already placed another order!!!

Michelle said...

what adoption agency did you use? our daughter is adopted and am wondering which agency to use for the next addition to our family?

praying for God's timing in your next placement!!!!

Emily Doss said...

Michelle- we used a local agency for our home study (but they estimate a really long wait time) we are also using Faithful Adoption Consultants from this point on to present our profile. They are amazing- Check them out at www.faithfuladoptionconsultants.com they work with multiple agencies and have much shorter wait times. We worked with them for our 1st adoption and are glad to be working with them again.

Kris Wolfe said...

I am posting this on my small group page! Hopefully we can get an order tomorrow:) Praying for you!!

Bree said...

Emily...these are too cute!! I'm sending paypal now...any color will be great. Congrats on the journey to your next child!!!

Emily Doss said...

I need the following people to contact me so I can complete your orders:

Linda Cumby
Traci Lunn
Kendra Jones
Megan Burton