Thursday, September 30, 2010


Gracepoint presented Lemon-aid to our Valparaiso Community.

We had Lemon-aid stands all over Valpo and all the proceeds went to Blood:Water Mission. It was a fabulous event that was able to help us get outside of our 4 rented walls. ha. And be a part of something bigger than us. It wasn't about Gracepoint that day, it was about raising $ to help give clean drinking water to people living in Africa.

For $1 someone in Africa can have clean drinking water for a year. A YEAR. ONE DOLLAR. WOW.

That night we had a big celebration downtown and a rep from Blood:Water came out to tell us more about what they do. We ended up raising over $4,000 dollars! So exciting.

It's my first time to add a video that's not in youtube so we'll see how this goes....but here's the recap video.

And the lead singer of the band. Yeah that's my guy. Wow. He did awesome. So very proud to walk alongside him and to be a part of the ministry of Gracepoint!

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Jessica Black Watts said...

What a cool video, guys!!!

-- Jessica Black Watts :)