Tuesday, August 03, 2010


A few very wonderful things happened yesterday that made me go ahhh (in a good way) and take a big deep breath.

1. I got to talk to my mom.
2. I texted back and forth with my dad.
3. Manny and I had so much fun playing and hanging out.
3.5 I found out Manny's hospital stay (at birth) was taken care of by Medicaid. It was still in the process of being taken care of up until yesterday...so that was a relief that we don't have to pay for his medical bills.
4. Clothes got washed.
5. The downstairs got cleaned (for the most part).
5.5 Suzy got brushed. She is shedding terribly right now and that is getting on my nerves.
6. I got to go to Wal-Mart BY MYSELF.
7. I got to talk to my BFF and catch up a little...still not long enough, but it was good for the soul.
7.5 And I finished a book on Sunday so that means that I picked up another book to dive into.

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