Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blogging Rut

So I'm stuck in a rut.
A blogging rut.

I desperately need to do a May recap, but for some reason I just don't have it in me.

We've done lots of fun things in May...but to get the pics on the computer and tell you all about it seems like such a chore. Who knows where the adapter to the camera is?!? And who knows if the camera has any battery power left...

So hopefully I can get it together and get a May recap on here before the end of May. :)

Luckily my back is feeling better today. Seems like it's taken too long for it to get better.

This afternoon a friend is coming over and helping sort yard sale stuff. I am hoping to have a yard sale, but it's kinda been on the back burner for so long that it's ok if it never gets done. So maybe we can knock that out and move on to some bigger and better things. :)

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