Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tip of the Day

If you have a weak stomach do not proceed. (I'm warning you...)

Just in case your dog acts like our black lab Suzy and starts acting out when she is no longer the only child. In case your dog starts eating anything and everything within reach. Or even if she eats things that are on the kitchen table that she has never gotten to before. Such as a pan of blondie brownies. This post is for you.

Just a warning. That she will get sick. She won't get sick at 3:15am when the baby is awake. Or even at 4am when the baby is still dozing back off to sleep. No she will wait until 5:30am when everyone is back to sleep. She will make disgusting choking/throw up sounds and you will probably think it's the baby.

Nope, just the dog.

But when you get up to check you will find huge piles of dog vomit. Possibly 3 if your dog is anything like ours. Be very careful if you are the one cleaning it up, it might cause you to dry heave.

But here's the tip. Baby soap/shampoo works wonders on carpet stains. Works. Wonders.

Especially if your dog eats a whole pan of blondie brownies and throws up at 5:30am.


Merany :) said...

Oh my gosh!!! That's nuts!! But atleast it wasn't Manny!! haha. Good tip though. I will remember that!! :) You're life is officially NOT BORING!!!

Charlie Wade Watts said...


Charlie Wade Watts said...


Daniel and Christy Davis said...

We had the same thing happen when we brought Hannah home. Our dog started getting into and eating everything. I would get so mad at him. One day he ate a diaper and kept throwing up everywhere....(The rest of the story is sad i was about to share but thought maybe I shouldn't. If you want to hear a sad story let me know.)

Emily Doss said...

Christy I think I remember sad. Suzy got to come in last we'll see. Poor thing- I know she's having a hard time. Luckily no diaper eating as of yet.