Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fabulous Day

Yesterday Manny and I went on two big adventures.

#1 Was to Wal-Mart.
#2 Was to Macy's which is 20 minutes away. (Heather I thought of you in TX and how far you have to drive to get to a mall.)

Manny is pretty much on a 3 hour schedule right now so I knew we had only a small amount of time.

We made it to Wal-Mart just fine and he slept most of the trip away. Someone actually talked to me since I had a baby. :) This was a hi-light honestly since we've moved to this new town I haven't met very many people outside of church. I'm counting this as a blessing.

I also saw someone from church- which to me is a sign that this is feeling more like home. (Although at our Wal-Mart people are always in a hurry. Rebecca- If I had seen you in the Clarksville Wal-Mart we could have chatted for at least 5 minutes. Maybe they make the isles bigger in TN for that very purpose. I never felt like I was inconveniencing anyone by standing around talking there...hmmm.)

Oh and there was one of those jumbo carts where the big kids can sit in and there were 5 children w/ the mom---I totally though of Renee. You know how you cross paths w/ the same person over and over in Wal-Mart...well we kept crossing. The little girl said, "Hi Baby." Every time we crossed paths. Too cute! (Later I saw a mom w/ ONE child pushing one of those jumbo carts and thought that's why Renee can't ever find one...)

We came back home had dinner and I was still feeling adventurous. So right after Manny fell asleep again we headed out to Macy's. I got Manny some little rock star t-shirts. They are in the wash and I promise to post pics as soon as he can wear them. His dad was too proud that Manny now has a t-shirt w/ headphones on it. Which is what Daniel has been wearing quite a bit lately. Yesterday he finished up his new CD. It takes lots of time and effort to record and I love the fact that late last night when it was all said and done he was truly proud of it.

I cried yesterday listening to the final draft. There is a song called Stained Glass Windows and the imagery he puts to music moves me. He talks about how Stained Glass Windows are beautiful, but come from broken pieces being put together. Our Heavenly Father is so good at that. Putting together the pieces of our broken lives. Ahhhh. I can't wait for everyone to hear it. I will post when it's officially available. :)

Right now Manny is snoozing in my lap and I'm typing away around him. We have community group tonight which will be our big adventure for the day. (I'm starting to feel like we actually can do stuff during the day instead of just having to stay around the house. So hopefully we can go for a walk and then prepare for group.)

So maybe our adventures include going to Wal-Mart, but it's still amazing none the less.



Heather said...

Such an adventure! I remember the first time I went to the grocery store with Addie. She was such a fussy little toot that I was petrified. I remember literally just throwing things in the grocery cart. When I got in the car to head home, I thought, " I have no idea what I just bought." Pretty funny how such a small thing can have such control over you! :) Miss you.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

hahaha That IS why I can't ever find one! LOL Poor Keeghan, he's always stuck in the back! LOL Hey, I'm about to tag you on my blog, so watch for it! :)

Court and Em said...

Love all your adventures, Emily!! Miss you!!!