Sunday, January 17, 2010

Your Move

Today began a new sermon series at GracePoint.
It's called Your Move.

Ben and Daniel do an amazing job. (I'm just saying.)

My notes:

Your Move is about when you adjust due to circumstances in your life.
Your Move is the direction you chose to go.

Chose the direction that leads you towards Christ.
Luke 15 was the scripture. Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Boy

Move towards God.


Perfect timing for us as we are considering our next move in life.


Also during the service Ben told Dale and Janice's story. They started coming to GP a few months ago. One day last month they showed up in Ben's office and asked him to sign a marriage certificate, he did and they were married then. Ben wanted to be sure that we had a time to celebrate with them in a marriage ceremony though. Today was that day! They have had some major struggles in life including addictions and a rough past, but they have given their lives to Jesus and were baptized at our last baptism celebration. They had been living together and realized they wanted to honor God with their new life together. So after the service today we celebrated with them in a marriage celebration. IT WAS AWESOME. Not only did we celebrate them coming to Jesus, but to committing their lives to each other. They invited all their friends to their wedding, as well as to the service today. For many of their friends it was a first to come to church and Dale commented afterward how awesome it was the God is already using them. Truly a great day for GracePoint. I'm so glad we are here and able to be a part of seeing lives being transformed. I also love the fact that they came to the conclusion to get married on their own, not due to condemnation or being guilt tripped into it. Jesus is truly changing their lives from the inside out. It's challenging to me. Am I moving toward Christ, am I honoring Him in my decisions, and what MOVE is He asking me to make.


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