Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GracePoint Christmas

We had an AMAZING Christmas service at GracePoint on Sunday.
We had to rent out a different location and ended up having a night time service instead of a Sunday morning service.
Let's just say it was unbelievable.
A whole bunch of us had to stand THE ENTIRE TIME. We ran out of chairs. I mean not just 2 or 3 of us stood, but tons of us. We were having conversations about safety issues and wondering if we had reached capacity.
So crazy how many people showed up (OVER 275!!!)
Valpo Life ran an online ad. That's a local website that lets people in the community know what's going on.
We had so many people invite people. (Someone looked at me and said I didn't expect everyone we invited to actually show up. ha!)
The music was FABULOUS- thanks the Daniel Doss's efforts.
The message was SPOT ON- thanks to Ben Lamb's efforts.
There were tons of volunteers who got there early and stay late- completely a team effort that did NOT go UNNOTICED!
The whole service was so God honoring and I believe truly impacted our community for Christ.

Here are some pics taken from Daniel's iPhone...hard to see I know, but look at ALL THOSE PEOPLE!

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dgsandbjsmom said...

Any word on Darby Lane yet?