Monday, November 23, 2009


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. (Maybe because it's close to my birthday and I always thought it was a part of my birthday celebration...)
But this year we will be traveling farther than ever to see family.
Needless to say I am even more thankful this year that we get to see family (and eat some good food.)

*Ya'll did you know that in Indiana they make Stuffing instead of Dressing. Who knew??? I gotta go back to Tennessee just to get some dressing. ;) Maybe I should get the recipes too so I can introduce my Indiana friends to some southern style dressing. I tried to explain it to my friends today and just didn't do it justice...

Last night my mom asked me what I wanted for Thanksgiving. Daniel was sitting right beside me and said- Why does she even ask? Can't we just have the same things we always have. My mom said- It's more of a test than an actual suggestion. :) Here was my reply: The standard Turkey and Dressing (not a favorite, but a must have for Turkey Day), Broccoli Casserole- my favorite, Sweet Potato Casserole- a close second, green beans, slaw, and my mom said she'd make crescents this year.

Yumm. I can't wait. Definitely worth an 8 hour drive.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Any of you have Thanksgiving favorites that you just have to have to call it Thanksgiving???


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

It's stuffing in California too... and I've lived here in TN 5 years and STILL call it stuffing! haha So... does that mean you'll be at Grace on Sunday?!

Emily Doss said...

Nope- we'll be heading back to Valpo on Saturday for GracePoint's services. It will be one quick trip to Clarksville.

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin pie! Gotta have jellied cranberry sauce with that turkey & Dressing. Of course no matter what we eat, the best thanksgiving treat is having family gathered around. Y'all drive safely!
Papa Doss

a wandering heart said...

I grew up with stuffing, never heard of dressing until I moved here. I like them both, but prefer my mom's homemade stuffing.

I'm baking a cranberry mandarin relish as I type... later I'll make the green bean casserole and brandied cranberries for the adults.

My Mom also always made a pumpkin chiffon pie that was really yummy.
Have a safe trip!