Thursday, November 12, 2009

Could this be Adoption Nesting?

Could this be considered Adoption Nesting???
Our consultant is keeping us in mind for last minute cases- some we might find out the baby has been born, would be born in a couple of days or the birthmom is going to be induced in a week max. This feels so much better emotionally since the last match fell through.

But I'm a planner. How does a planner prepare for a phone call from an agency saying there is a baby- come quickly?

Here's how-
1. Give a key to our house to someone well trusted and loved by Suzy (our dog.)
2. Clean clean clean and prepare the house for baby's arrival...we still don't have a crib and the car seat/stroller is on it's way, but we'll be fine.
3. Make preparations to pay for the adoption at a moments notice...still working on that one, but trusting that God has it all figured out!
4. Run errands and tie up lose ends just in case you are busy tomorrow traveling across the country to pick up your child.
5. Pack toiletries- can't pack clothes yet, because we don't know what part of the country we might be traveling to (could need warm weather clothes or cold weather clothes.)

ISN'T THAT EXCITING! We have no idea when we will get the call or how much time we will have to prepare, but I am getting excited and thinking about all the things that need to be done.

So here we go- let the "adoption nesting" begin.


Amy said...

How exciting Emily!!! I am praying that it does come quickly for you guys because in spite of the stress of gettin' up and goin', in the long run you get your long awaited baby in your hands quickly!!! Oh, I am praying for you guys...and just remember while you are nesting...some things just aren't going to get done, but the Lord will make sure you get the right stuff done (o: Love you and can't wait to see what unfolds over the coming weeks.

Lynne said...

Praying always that it happens soon! Love you guys.