Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I read on someone's blog that their wife was within 5 weeks of their due date and I started thinking- that's a little over a month, but 5 weeks sounds like NO TIME. I wonder how long till Jeremiah is expected. I couldn't believe when I counted it up that it was only 10 weeks! ONLY 10 WEEKS!

I got to speak to Jeremiah's birthmom today and she is doing well. We talked about how we took our dog Suzy with us when we went to TN last week. And how some friends of ourS fed our dog every time we stopped. (Cindy and Ben!!!) She couldn't believe that we fed the dog people food...especially cheese- which is Suzy's favorite. :) She was concerned about Suzy since we were gone out of town and was wondering what we did with her while we were gone.

We talked about the dirt in Tennessee being a different color than Indiana dirt. She said when she was little that she would tell her grandmother how pretty the TN dirt was. Her grandmother called it red river clay. I remember climbing up the hill in Dover and sliding down that red clay. One of my favorite things to do on that hill behind my grandmothers house was to look for fossils in the red clay as we called it.
She told me that her grandmother told her that people used to eat the dirt and we wondered if that is where the term dirt poor came from.

We talked about how it's getting colder in Indiana and she said that Indiana is about to get cold and slick and she emphasized cold and slick. Not sure if I'm ready for that or not, but it's definitely on it's way- today it was ~48 degrees.

I love that at the end of our conversation she said to tell Daniel hello. We couldn't have been matched with a better birthmom.


Court and Em said...

YAY!! I just read your email and I was so excited! Praise the Lord!! Know that we are praying for you guys, your sweet birth mom and of course, Jeremiah!!!! I will call you tomorrow!!!

Freddy T. Wyatt said...

Love, love, love the conversation! Praising God and waiting anxiously with you. Thanks for letting us journey with you via the blog. And tell Daniel hello.