Saturday, September 19, 2009

Very Productive Day

Today was a day that ended up being set aside to getting the new house in order. From boxes everywhere -- to stuff everywhere and boxes empty. Today I made sure the kitchen was good- it was already in order, the living room got all nice and tidy- our speakers for surround sound were installed last night thanks to a Doss team effort, so today I finally got the guest bedroom nice and finished and the guest bathroom is looking lovely as well. Upstairs consists of a landing area, our master bathroom and our master bedroom. Now the master bath is complete and I'm pretty sure I'm done with the contact paper until the next move. whew!

I got a lovely new shower curtain for the downstairs bathroom and I love love love it. Now I just have to get some hand towels to match. Luckily Daniel had given me a Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift certificate a few months ago as a surprise gift.

So it's coming together. One step at a time. We finally have all our appliances...only the stove was installed upon closing- and it had to be switched out. But now we are all good and getting settled. I forgot how difficult moving can be. Maybe that's what happens every time. It's been just long enough that we forget and are actually excited about it.

**Tomorrow is our big launch at GracePoint. It's crazy to think that tomorrow is the beginning of this new church plant and we get to be a part of it.

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