Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moved in!!!

Our new house!

Side view

We are moved it. Closing was not fun. Lots of little things came up- the buyer wasn't sticking to his end of the bargain. Thank goodness for an amazing realtor. We told her that we had more than one opposition in coming to Valpo. Satan definitely doesn't want us here ministering to the people of Valpo.

So we are here and unpacking boxes all day. Fun Fun Fun. It's actually like Christmas since we haven't seen our stuff in 3 and 1/2 months. :)

The only thing I wasn't excited to find so far was a little mouse. He scared me and made me scream. That scared Daniel because he thought I had hurt myself. Fun times at the Doss house.

**And thank you for praying!!! We now have an offer on our house in Clarksville. Hopefully things will go more smoothly than they did here with closing and we will have a done deal by the end of the month.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

What a cute house! I love your yard too! Praying things go smoothly with your house here!!! We miss you guys!

Mel said...

SO CUTE! Love that front porch. Happy days to come in that adorable home!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily and Daniel !! Your house is so cute!! and I'm so happy for you guys!! You have waited a long time for this!! I know that Jeremiah's room will be so cute !! and he he will be the most loved little boy on earth from you all!! Take care and have fun with everything!! Love you guys Sherrie!