Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun New Adventure

Today I got to tour the Kids Alive International office. The main office in the United States is right here in Valparaiso, IN. I was so pumped to find out about an organization that is dedicated to helping those in need around the world, and even more thrilled that I could be a part and volunteer. Their headquarters are right down the road so why not get involved??? I've been looking for a place to plug in here in Valpo and a place where I can volunteer- serving and meeting new people being two of my goals.

So I went today and met some of the staff- they already have some opportunities for me there to help out! I will go in randomly since my schedule is so crazy. Sometimes I envy those people that can commit to something every third Wednesday, but that is just not the life I live. With concerts that come up or our other travel ventures I hope to volunteer twice a month, but we'll see. :)

Everyone was extremely kind and welcoming. I also got to learn a little more about what they do. Very Cool Place! They organize mission trips, have missionaries in 17 countries, and have residential centers for orphans in many of those places. Go check out their website: www.kidsalive.org

I found out about them on the ECFA website- this website will show you how charity organizations use their funds. It's a great way to compare different organizations and make sure your money is really being used effectively. *You can also do a search on this website by location and see what organizations are already there around you that maybe you'd want to be a part of. :)

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