Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trip to Valpo

We got to go to Valparaiso, Indiana a few weeks ago and lead worship at the first pre-launch service for Gracepoint Church. (When I say we ya'll know I really mean Daniel, but I got to tag along.) We'll be up there full time starting May 1st.
We spent the night with some new friends and she just happened to have a winter coat that I could HAVE. Yes I said HAVE as in a gift. ***Please note my love language is gifts!!!*** I was so excited!
We took pics of Daniel practicing for the worship service the next morning (w/ Will and Alison McKelvey) then in the middle of them I got my new coat- Daniel said it looks like worship practice and Christmas mixed together. I think the pics will speak for themselves.

Daniel rehearsing

My new coat

Will and Alison

The inside liner of the coat zips out.


Also warm PJ's are required when you move to Indiana I've heard. :)

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