Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am a teacher at heart. Sometimes I forget, but through subbing I have been reminded. I have taken a long term placement and will be at the same school for a few weeks. That is the best because I can build relationships with the students and get to know them. I'm teaching the 4th and 5th graders in PE. So far I've been having a blast. The students at this school are very well behaved and have been a joy, although I'm drawn to the little stinkers who aren't on there best behavior and enjoy the challenge they bring. I am reminded that I'm good at teaching and that it is something that I love to do.

So today I'm focusing on the positive. I love to teach and I get to teach and I'm good at teaching. I'm forgetting that the house is a wreck and that the laundry is all over the place. Some of it is even clean, but it's not put away. I'm going to focus on the positive and remember that this is a blessing. I get paid to do what I love and I feel like I'm making a difference in some children's lives.

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