Sunday, September 14, 2008

10 Year Reunion

Welllll we had our reunion yesterday. It all started with the first home football game of the season. 10 years ago our team made it to the state tournament, but lost in the Clinic Bowl game. 4 graduates came out to the game. It was fun to catch up a bit and see the new CA field, which is great! 10 years ago we played our games at Austin Peay State University because we didn't have a field, that was always cool though to get to play at a college stadium. anyway...

Saturday we went to the Blackhorse for the actual reunion. (We had 34 graduates in our class.) 12 graduates (and one classmate who didn't graduate with us) showed up. Pretty good percentage I guess...

There was a cool event going on in Downtown Clarksville and Franklin Street was closed down. It was nice for everyone to get to hang out there for awhile after we ate.

Here are some pics.

The girls that sat at our table: Becki, Anna, Amanda, and Emily

Brian and his wife Stacey. What a cute couple!

A candid of Emery and Meredith.

A candid of Duff and Justin. These are two guys that made it to the game Friday night so we got to catch up quite a bit.

The whole gang minus David who had to leave early.

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