Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm a Fran fan!

Yesterday I got to travel to San Angelo, TX with Francesca Battistelli.
We were to leave Nashville at 8:40 am and go through Dallas and land in San Angelo by 2pm. Her show started at 7pm last night so we would have plenty of time right?!?


We got to the airport to find out our flight was delayed which meant that we would miss our connection....

We ended up arriving in San Angelo around 5:50 pm; the doors were supposed to open at 6pm for the concert. YIKES!!!

She did a super quick sound check and I made sure the merch was set up while she finished getting ready.

By 7pm when the concert was supposed to start we were ready to roll.

Franny did a great job! She did not have the best circumstances or adequate time to prepare, but she did extraordinary. She was a real trooper. I was proud to be with such a respectable artist. Some would have complained or used the events of the day as excuses, but she didn't.

Just in case you didn't notice: I'm definitely a Fran fan!

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