Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today I miss these people....

I'm listening to a podcast from Grace Community Church right now. It has been three weeks since we've been home for church. So today I'm posting pics from our last small group because these are the people I miss today.

Our friends the Howards (Ryan is in the picture with Daniel.) had an extra copy of the curriculum that we are currently going through and let us bring it on the road with us. We are on the bus because we had a flat tire and haven't arrived yet so Daniel and I sat down to watch the current video. I really enjoy the iMarriage series and have to say that so far it's challenged our great marriage to take another step further into greatness. (That sounds funny, but I don't know how else to say it.) I love Daniel so much and am so glad God has called us on this adventure together. He's such a man of God and has such a heart to do what God has called him to. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful husband and for such a great small group!!!

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David and Lori Plus 8 said...

WOW! I just heard that you guys will be in Nashville next Tuesday night....we will be there! Can't wait.....can you also email me with your private email address. I've somehow misplaced it. Have a great one. We miss you all!