Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I don't want to leave

We've been home for two nights and we had a concert in Nashville last night. We are getting ready to leave again and I really don't want to.

Number 1. I still have lots left to do here like dusting and straightening and cleaning the tub.

Number 2. It's the beginning of the end. I've made new friends and in two weeks we won't see them anymore. That is going to be so strange.

Number 3. I don't know what is next after the tour. I'll go back to that unknown waiting game where we just sit and wait for God to show us what is next. It will be nice to be home for a little bit, but I'm loving working for World Vision and I don't want to stop. *The Daniel Doss Band has a couple of summer camps planned, but after that it's pretty much wide open.

Well looks like my bellyaching won't stop the clock- We really do have to leave in a couple of hours, so here we go. I have packing to do and some quick straightening of the house then we're headed out!


the human jukebox said...

Is someone going to be taking a bath while you are gone?


a wandering heart said...

You're welcome to come clean my tub for me anytime. just kidding.