Friday, March 14, 2008

Tour Countdown

We are 12 days out until the tour!!!

In 12 days we are heading on tour with Avalon, Michael English, Cadia and the DANIEL DOSS BAND!!!

Daniel and I will be on the bus with Avalon and their kidos, Cadia, and the tour manager. The band will be on the other bus with Michael English and the crew. I've never met any of the people on our bus and am about to move in with them. Eeekkk! It should be a great adventure!
Just looking at the schedule it looks like we'll be heading out for 12 days straight! :)

McMurray, Pennsylvania here we come- that's the first stop!


Emily Doss said...

Just found out we'll be on the road for 4 days and come home for less than 24 hours then head out again for 7 days!!

Mel said...

Funny Story...
The Chocks were leaving the American Park the other day and as we got in the car I thought P had the radio on. There is only one radio station that plays American and British tunes and P usually has it on in the car. Anywho, Daniel was singing away in the car and I started jumping up and down in the seat saying "P, that's Daniel!!!!" To which he calmly replied..."yeah, I know." I said "Daniel is singing on the Radio in Italy!!!!" To which P began laughing at me hysterically cause it was really the Ipod playing through the radio! I'm a goober but I thought it was the coolest thing at the time! Ahh, good times!