Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Our small group is going through the iMarriage curriculum by Andy Stanley and it is wonderful.

The catch phrase is Transforming your Expectations.

That was one thing that I always talked about after we got married any time I was asked to speak to or encourage a group girls who were getting married....EXPECTATIONS!!! We all have them and we've all grown up with a view of marriage, whether healthy or not.

Andy's teaching are leading Daniel and I to look at our expectations once again and ask ourselves what they are doing there. It's funny how when you don't think about expectations they sometimes sneak into the picture.

I highly recommend iMarriage to any small group of couples that is willing to be open and honest and is ready to grow in this area...and we're only on our 2nd week.

Daniel and I have a great marriage and I'm so thankful that we can be real with each other and honest. Usually when we see a marriage series we think- oh glad this can help someone else cause we're good- but this series has even challenged us.

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ChristyC said...

We are just finishing that one!! It was great! CC