Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday Night

We had a great show in Nitro, WV last night!!! We only had about 250 people there, but they had such great energy as a crowd and were so pumped to be there, which always makes it fun.

After the show the guys loaded out everything which takes about 2 hours then we had food from TGI Friday's waiting on the bus. We devoured it. Everyone was hanging out and happy to be there.

Here is a pic of us all hanging in the front lounge of the bus headed to the hotel.

Every night we head back to the hotel so the crew can take showers then we head out to our next destination from there.

I'm so very very proud of the Daniel Doss Band guys- last night the crew was short on volunteers and they stepped up and were helping out. I did not realize how out of the ordinary that was until I heard a couple of the seasoned tour guys talking about how usually the band/artist don't help with stuff like that. At one point Daniel, Brian, Derek and Joe each had a piece of the lighting gear waiting in line to put it on the trailer. Wow! Way to go guys.

Now I just woke up and we are in New York (state not city)!!! I've never been to New York before.

Maybe I can get some more pics today of the World Vision stuff.


stephen lee cavness said...

looks like ya'll are having a blast!

you should try to find a new york version of iman's and get a real new york calzone... mmm...
(dont forget to pass the ashtray when someone is being funny..)
ya'll stay safe and enjoy this time!!


Bullock Family said...

hey gal, I am finally getting caught back up on blogs! We are SUPER excited for you guys! Jeremy's mom almost jumped out of her skin when she saw Daniel's pic in Lifeway! She said her and Ad both literally jumped for joy in the store! Love you and excited for your journey! VERY proud of you as an awesome support for your man!