Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mel's Wedding Pics

Here are some pics from Mel's Bridesmaid's luncheon and the wedding, these were from my camera, the real ones are yet to come. :)
Look at my face when I got that charm out of the cake!!! YIPPEE!!!
Got the sideways pic to look right this time. :)


DebD said...

WHAT A GREAT PIC of you and Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That color is PERFECT for you!!!!!!

Susan Wyatt said...

I love the picture of you and Daniel as well.. your haircut looks so so good and the dress color is really pretty! You guys look great!

Susan Wyatt said...

I just saw your comment about scrapbooking (not even real sure when you left it!) but I would love to help you get any materials you need or show you new ideas. Or if you ever are looking for a reason to get some girls together to scrapbook I'll come and show you all new things together.

FT said he had a great time with Daniel the other day.