Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Running Slump

I've been running...I had gotten the couch to 5K plan off the internet. I got to the 3 minute part then added my own to the regimen. 3 minutes jogging 1.5 minutes walking, repeat. I had been doing that, but for some reason I could not get over the fact that I was about to have to run for 5 minutes straight. That's when I got sick. I think it's allergies. So with that being said I haven't run at all this week. bummer.
I hope that simply by posting this I will feel some inspiration and I can get back out there and run some more. I just need a little boost to get over this running slump.


Tony Hill said...

I will be sure to ask if you if you have started running again next time I see you... and I will tell everyone I know to ask you as well...

That's some motivation for ya :)

OKeedokey said...

I'm so glad you put the link on there. I've been wanting to do that too! Keep going girl. You'll be my inspiration! :)

Emily Doss said...

I actually ran today!!! Good thing I haven't seen Tony in awhile. :)
Now if I can just continue this every other day.

Good luck Haley

a wandering heart said...

Glad to see you ran again! You can do it!!!!

Hope Clinic for Women in Nashville is Having their run for Life October 20th... I have been debating whether or not to participate in some way.

Talbotts said...

Hey, girl !!

If you ever need a running buddy for motivation let me know.

I just started doing the sub thing through Kelly Services until my clearance goes through for my Federal Investigator job.

So we would have lots to talk about. :)

Anywho, my blogsite is set to private so if you give me your email address I can invite you back to the site. :)

Take care,

DebD said...

Yeah, ever since the spider bite I have been off my regime! *SMILE* B/c after the bite I got a cold! Excuses, excuses - I gotta get back on!!!! :-) *HUGS*