Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well today I went for an interview to be a Substitute. I also went to my old High School to see if they needed subs as well. Boy that was a flashback. :)

I'm simply subbing until we go on the road with the Daniel Doss Band in the Spring. Since the tour got pushed back (thankfully so we have a CD to sell), I have some free time to sub.

But after teaching for 5 years I was reminded of my substituting days before I got my first permanent job. I was in McKenzie, TN and was subbing at the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. One day I had a 1/2 day placement at the Elementary School for a very nice teacher. She was going over some things with me before she left. All of a sudden a student, named Patrick, came to the door and said very loudly, "Uh Oh Suh..ta..toot." I had grown to love him while student teaching there, but he was taken aback when he came back to class after a short tutoring session to find me there instead of his regular teacher. He took some coaxing to settle down, but finally got into the grove of finishing the day with a sub. :) I don't think I'll ever forget that toothless grin of his.

I can't wait to have some more fun stories to tell.

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