Saturday, July 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home

It's so good to be home. God has blessed us with a beautiful house. We've been gone to a church camp in Oklahoma this past week. It was a long week, but tons of fun. The students were from Dallas, TX and there were about 300 students there. The camp was very well organized and it reminded me of Hillmont where we used to go to camp. The facilities were great as well. Apparently a youth minister built the place since he didn't have a place to take his youth to camp. It was very well thought out. It was beautiful and I was very impressed by Oklahoma since I'd never been there before. After 11 hours in a car on the way home I was so glad to be home. **I do have to say that the Daniel Doss Band is so much fun to be around that it made the trip go by pretty fast.**

I love love love coming home to a clean, straight house. It makes the transition of unpacking (and in my case this week re-packing) go so much smoother. I was so glad that before we left I got to get things in order. I'm so glad to be home and to be able to go to Grace Community Church tomorrow.

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Anne said...

I somehow came upon your blog through myspace. Thank you so much for coming to thee camp with your husband and the band [and taking care of the merch table!]! my cabin escorted you and the band to lunch one day, we really enjoyed it. I hope you have a great summer!