Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hotel HaHa

Sooo my plan for this week was to relax by the pool and chill while Daniel is recording. He is in the studio during the day then we'll meet up and hang out at night. Being the introvert that I am I'm cool with chilling on my own all day. I want to go to a park and walk, shop for a gift for a friend, and meet up with Melanie for lunch one day....but remember my main plan was to sit by the pool (which I was thinking wouldn't be that crowded during the day) and catch some rays.
Well we got to the hotel last night and walked around. We found the Pool sign with the arrows and followed them...and we found the pool..... IT'S INDOOR. So much for working on my tan.
I'm sure I'll find plenty to do, but it just made us laugh so I thought I'd share. :) HaHa!

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