Friday, December 25, 2009

So not prepared

We headed to Martin on Tuesday to spend a couple of days with the Doss's in case Darby Layne came early. I was soooo praying that the birthmom would be ready for her c-section when she went to her check-up on the 23rd because I knew that if not it would all fall through. The car seat has been in the trunk for awhile just in case we needed it real quick and to free up space in the house. ;) I also made sure to bring the baby bag. It had just some blankets and newborn GIRL outfits in it. I had taken out all the neutral ones since we were forsure getting a girl. Ha!
Once we got the call that baby girl was not ours, but baby boy was we opened gifts with the Doss's and headed to GA. Luckily the gifts I asked for were clothes since we had only packed to stay 3 days and now we will be hanging out awhile. I have found a laundry mat down the street, but of course it's not open for Christmas Eve or Christmas. (our hotel has a washer and dryer, but the washer is broken) they called the Hampton inn down the street to see if I coul wash Jeremiah's things there. Luckily they said that was fine and we are all set for his clothes and things.
Our hotel room has a microwave and a fridge. Last night I ha made a long list of things we could use to help us out and was headed out to walmart to get them knowing that EVERYTHING would be closed today. Unfortunately Walmart was already closed. I drove a little further and found an open gas station where I was able to get us some food for today and snacks and drinks. (The hospital sent us home with enough formula for the baby and we got diapers an wipes on the way down.) We are making it just fine and are taking turns getting some shut eye. :)
Jeremiah is sweet as can be and we are just So blessed! Thanks for your prayers.


Sunny said...

Is there an address where gifts can be sent?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Baby boys are awesome and so much fun.
Merry Christmas,
Kayce Susong

a_outland said...

Congratulations on finally getting a baby! Sleep will become a thing of the past. Last night I was up 10 times! Needless to say Santa was pooped this morning! When will you start the long drive home?

Emily Doss said...

Private message, email or text me and I'll give you our address. :)

Anonymous said...